Wafa’s jealousy .. Tim Hassan puts Sirine Abdel Nour in an embarrassing situation .. Witness


To marry an Egyptian woman, you must endure her eternal jealousy. On Twitter, Twitter criticized the artist “Tim Hassan” after a video clip embarrassing the artist, “Sirin Abdel Nour”, saying that the reason was “jealousy of fulfillment.”The Syrian star, “Tim Hassan”, appears in the video clip, as he ends a press interview with a reporter at one of the channels during the “Shahid” ceremony held yesterday in Dubai.

But Tim was in such a hurry that he did not notice the actress “Sirin Abdel Nour” who stood in the back, and he tried to get over it without turning to her or throwing peace, which led her to call to embarrassment.

Social media pioneers criticized Tim’s permanent wheel and his departure from female business colleagues since his marriage to the media “Wafaa Al-Kilani”, suggesting that the reason “changed her”, but singers defended the Syrian star, saying that the reason for this is “his modesty and shame” and not as it is said.

It is worth noting that Tim Hassan avoids media meetings or appearing on occasions because of his shyness and humility, but his intended or unintended ignorance of Sirin opened a series of controversy between his fans and his followers on the communication sites.


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