Wali: Sisi’s ratification of the Reconciliation Law saves a billion real estate wealth


12:31 PM

Tuesday 14 January 2020

Books – Ahmed Ali:

Engineer Alaa Wali, member of the House of Representatives, former head of the Parliament’s Housing Committee, confirmed that “President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi’s amendment of the Reconciliation Law in some building violations and legalization of their status is a major achievement for the benefit of the citizen and an affirmation of the extent of the president’s keenness on the public interest of citizens and facilitating them to legalize their conditions with all Ease of ease. “

Wali added, in press statements, that “this matter is important for a large segment of citizens who are awaiting the issuance of these amendments because of their utmost importance for them to stabilize their situation.”

Wali called for the speedy issuance of the executive regulations for the amendments to the draft law, stressing that the regulations include facilities that encourage citizens to reconcile and remove any obstacles they may face on the ground; because ending procedures to legalize the situation with citizens with ease is beneficial to the citizen and the state, and this is reflected in the end of the construction projects Infrastructure that needs funding to complete it.

The governor added that after the amendments included opening the way for citizens to obtain the construction safety report from several places without limiting anyone to it, the text of the amendment included that the request for reconciliation be written with an estimate of an engineering report from one of the consulting engineering offices approved by the Engineers Syndicate or research centers or colleges Engineering or certified union consultant engineer.

“The Reconciliation Law will save billions of pounds in lost real estate, redraw the real estate map in Egypt, open a new page with citizens, and convert a large segment of violated real estate into legally legalized housing units,” Wali said.

A member of the House of Representatives called for the speedy issuance of the executive regulations of the draft law to start a new step in reconciling with citizens with ease and ease and not to bear any burdens on them.

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