Walid Azzaro misses Marran Al-Ahly


Walid Azzaro, Al-Ahly’s first team soccer striker, missed the daily Red Genie training on Thursday noon.

Al-Ahly is preparing without a break for the upcoming Arab Contractors match in the Egyptian League championship, scheduled for the fourteenth round next Sunday evening.

Al-Ahly’s training was light for the main team players who participated in the Tanta match yesterday, which ended with the victory of the Red Genie.

A reporter reported El-Ahly.comThat the Moroccan Walid Azzaro was not present in the session and was absent from view in light of the news that linked his name to his approach to the departure from the red genie.

Azzaro got out of the accounts of Swiss coach Rene Filer for Al-Ahly club in the Tanta match yesterday and did not join the team list.


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