Walid Suleiman gives advice to Saleh Juma to return to forming Al-Ahly


Walid Suleiman, Al-Ahly’s first football team, sent a message to Saleh Jumaa, the team’s star, He asked him to focus during the coming period, And prepare for any opportunity that will come to him.

Walid Suleiman added in statements to the program “Allaib” that Saleh Jumaa is a distinguished football player and has great technical and physical capabilities, in addition to that the fans love him and wish to see him on the field.

Walid Suleiman added that Saleh Juma must do his best during the coming period to prove his capabilities on the field, stressing that he must train hard to return to form the team.

He continued that Saleh Jumaa is one of his closest players in the team and talks with him a lot about his future and what he needs to do.


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