Watch a subsequent eruption of a volcano from space …


The satellite picked up the moment when the Philippine mountain exploded and sent a column of ash and sulfur into the atmosphere, as a volcano in the Philippines woke up from its slumber of 43 years last week, and a satellite transported the entire event from space, where the eruption was recorded by the Japanese satellite Himawari-8 , Which appears to have spread across January 12 and 13.

According to British newspaper “Daily Mail”, the huge volcano sent ash at a distance of nine miles in the air, and a bright lava fountain followed, forcing thousands to flee their homes, that the Philippine volcano destroyed the village houses of Mount Tale one day after its eruption.

Volcanic eruption 2
Volcanic eruption

Ash also flooded more than 60 miles north of the volcano, arrived in Manila and closed the country’s main airport with hundreds of flights canceled.

There were no early reports of injuries, but today the authorities are striving to evacuate more than 6,000 villagers from the volcanic island in the middle of a lake that is usually a popular tourist area.

Volcanic eruption
Volcanic eruption

And the volcanoes monitoring agency said that the explosion started with a burning fever and rocky rocks, but by early Monday, “fountains” of lava were seen on Tal.

“The column may mostly consist of water droplets, and there may be some volcanic ash, but in such volcanic moist columns it may be difficult to detect because ash particles are often covered with liquid water,” said Simon Carr, volcanologist at Michigan Tech.

The crater, in the middle of a picturesque lake in life, exploded with towering clouds of ash and burning volcanic lava planes on Sunday, forcing those living around the mountain south of Manila to rush to safety.

Volcanic eruption 3
Volcanic eruption

Volcanic ash clouds blowing over Manila, 40 miles to the north, closed the nation’s main airport on Sunday and part of the two until the ash subsided.

Many people deserted livestock and pets as well as houses full of property after the authorities issued a warning that an “explosive revolution” could come immediately.

He urged people to comply with the evacuation orders, adding that “the possibility of an explosion is high.”

Tal is one of the most active volcanoes in a country subject to periodic explosions and earthquakes because of its location in the Pacific “Ring of Fire”, an area of ​​intense seismic activity.

A tall eruption erupts in a terrifying view, as lightning rises through the ash cloud in a phenomenon attributed to static electricity.


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