Watch Azzaro splint after he objected to Fyler’s decision in Al-Ahly


An appearance came Walid AzzaroAl-Ahly striker, with a “splint in the hand” while performing running exercises around the stadium following the paragraph of the gym that he underwent on the sidelines of the team’s training on Friday at the Al-Titch stadium on the island, to reveal the scenes of his recent crisis with the Swiss technical director Rene Vyler.

Azzaro participated in the club today after he missed yesterday’s training, against the background of the crisis of the last Tanta match in the league, which Azzaro objected to not participating in, so he was fined financially by Sayed Abdel Hafeez, the ball manager, and the Moroccan striker fought twice in the gym before performing the running section around the stadium for several minutes, Azaru appeared with “a splint” in his hand as a result of a hand injury after he objected to his exit from the formation of the Tanta match.

Azzaro in the cast
Azzaro in the cast

The journalist Ahmed Shouber, the former Al-Ahly goalkeeper, blew a loud surprise by confirming the Moroccan’s exposure Walid Azzaro Al-Ahly striker broke his finger after he objected to the decision of the Swiss technical director, Rene Weiler, to exclude him from the confrontation list Tanta.

“Azzaro is close to leaving Al-Ahly after contracting with Senegalese Alliot Badji, and his days are numbered in Al-Ahly, especially after receiving a heavy penalty after his actions rejecting the decision to exclude him from the Tanta match,” Schubert said.

The technical staff of the first football team in Al-Ahly decided to impose a heavy financial penalty on Walid Azaru, the team player, because he objected to the decisions of the technical staff in the Tanta match, within the framework of the commitment policy imposed by the technical staff on the team; according to the rules in force in Al-Ahly, Walid Azaru objected Ali left the Tanta match list yesterday to enter into an altercation with Rene Vyler before the match started.

Azaru became close to leaving the Red Castle after the ball decided to enroll Senegalese Elio Badji, the new team player, in his place on the Red List..

A source in Al-Ahly Club confirmed that the Planning Committee Al Ahly In coordination with the technical staff led by Swiss Rene Vyler, the new team striker, Elie Badji, settled at the expense of the Moroccan, Walid Azzaro, who completely left the technical accounts.

Al-Ahly officials have settled on the departure of Azzaro, especially in light of the Moroccan striker’s failure to accept the idea of ​​sitting as a substitute during the past period, while the Red Administration wants Badji to be registered quickly for use in matches, whether locally or Africa.

The management of Al-Ahly Club, represented by Amir Tawfiq, Director of Marketing and Contracting Department, succeeded in persuading the Rabeid Vienna Club of Austria to pay the value of the U-Budge deal over 24 months (two years), after the intensive negotiations that Tawfiq led with the Austrian side during the past hours.

The U-Badji deal will cost the club’s treasury an amount of 2 million dollars despite his club’s claim to obtain 3 million dollars at the beginning of the negotiations, in order for Amir Tawfiq to reduce the required amount and reach an agreement form.

Al-Ahly Senegalese club officials Elio Badji is preparing the new team striker to face the upcoming coastal star in the African Champions League after contracting him officially for 4 and a half years to support the Red Team attack, to become the second winter of the team’s deals after Mahmoud Abdel Moneim Kahraba.


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