Watch .. Fares Karam ignites the anger of the Saudis with this video


The Lebanese star, Faris Karam, has sparked anger among the pioneers of social networking sites, especially the Saudis, after the spread of a video, which activists interpreted as underestimating the Kingdom.

Karam said in the rolling video: “I was frankly surprised because he had never visited Saudi Arabia before. I was a Saudi thinker and a little world to know me because I did not sing the color close to them, but I went down at the airport and I saw people what I imagined relaxed.”

Video activists deliberated, commenting on Karam’s remarks and criticizing his view and perceptions of Saudi Arabia.

And in the comments: “If this talk was from an American we would have understood it, but Saudi Arabia is Lebanese,” and another commented: “Can I believe this talk before the internet and communication networks?”


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