Watch … Fifi Abdo from Saudi Arabia: “Free and Humma’s death, conquering!”


Fifi Abdo

Egyptian artist and dancer Fifi Abdo shared her followers with a short video clip via the Instagram feature on Instagram.

Fifi Abdo appeared in the video in a special session while she was hesitating behind one of them with a Gulf accent:

On the other hand, Fifi Abdo denied what was included in a circulating advertisement on social media, about her offering an oriental dance course for men and women in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, next February and she said in press statements, that these are rumors that you do not know their source, indicating that no one has communicated with them. Officials so far to provide that training course in the Kingdom.

Fifi Abdo continued, “I do not know anything about this issue, but if I ask, I would agree, of course, this is something I am honored”, praising the efforts made in promoting art in Saudi Arabia.


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