“Watch Justice” .. A feature film produced by the Voice of Al-Azhar with the participation of Al-Qarmouti and Demerdash


Fired “The Voice of Al-Azhar” newspaper, the first short feature film of its production to deal with societal issues related to religion, and it tries through a dramatic context to clarify the correct meaning of the religious concept, In conjunction with the Al-Azhar International Conference for Renewal in Islamic Thought, which President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi will open hours later.

The film, taken from a theatrical text by journalist Ahmed Al-Sawy, revolves around one of the Sheikhs of Al-Azhar who is called to testify in front of one of the prosecution offices, and in the simple time lag between his arrival and his entry to testify, a number of societal models of prosecutors are invoked on that day.

It addresses in the context of this friction to clarify the position of religion and the Al-Azhar approach of corruption, bribery, false testimony, the issue of bank transactions, broadcasting rumors, violating privacy and marital problems and their impact on children, marriage of minors, harassment and polygamy, as well as clarifying the correct concept of issues of citizenship, atonement, coexistence and jihad within a dramatic framework.

The script and dialogue was written by journalist and writer Ahmed Al-Sawy, and he starred as Sheikh Ahmed Al-Maliki, forensic scholar at Al-Azhar Al-Sharif. The two senior media professionals, Moataz Al-Demerdash and Jaber Al-Qarmouti, participated as a guest of honor among a group of young actors, and was directed by Mahmoud Al-Iraqi.


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