Watch Magda Al-Sabahi celebrate her last birthday before her departure


She died The great artist Magda Al-Sabahy, just recently, at the age of 89, And we publish her video of the last celebration of her 88th birthday last year, with the journalist Wael Al-Ibrashi, her daughter Ghada Nafi, and many friends and relatives.

Magda presented many artistic works that are a sign in the history of Egyptian cinema, and her works remain engraved in the conscience of the Egyptian viewer in particular and the Arab in general. Photography is only accompanied by a member of her family.

Magda has experienced a number of crises in her life, perhaps the most prominent of them is her divorce from the artist Ihab Nafi, despite her association with a love story with him, but the different way of thinking of each of them quickly precipitated their separation, after Magda gave birth to her only daughter Ghada, and the big artist did not marry after her divorce from him, To have a strong friendship.

It was also among the crises that she was exposed to as some Egyptian newspapers reported years ago that the artist Magda Al-Sabahi is a Jewish religion, although she comes from a family of Muslim origins, and her media advisor at the time denied this information, stressing that she lived in an apartment that was Previously leased to the cultural center of the Israeli embassy, ​​and as soon as she moved to live in this apartment, this rumor spread, and reinforced the spread of that rumor that she studied in a Jewish school, as she was studying the Hebrew language.

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