Watch .. Sama Al-Masry with a young man who wants to take off his pants on the street!


The artist Sama El Masry took to the street to seek out the opinion of the youth, if they were ready to respond to the army’s invitation to participate in the war in Libya.

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Sama Al-Masry, through her account on a social networking site, posted a video clip that appeared on the street in military clothing while interviewing a young man.

However, the conversation between Sama and the young man revolved around his pants where he joked that he would take it off and commented Sama Al-Masry on the video saying: “I try to persuade the beautiful young man that he does not take off the pants while Egypt takes off the pants.

Long live the Egyptian people … The video is full on my YouTube channel and the link is on it. Aho: Subscribe now and do the crime button.

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