Watch … Sama Al-Masry’s tips for the man on the night of the wedding: “Stay tuned!”


Sama El Masry's tips for the wedding night

The artist Sama El Masry published a new video clip through her account on Instagram, through which she gave tips on the night of the wedding.

Sama Al-Masry appeared in the video in the bedroom, wearing a white transparent sleep shirt, and the author commented, “Tips for a night for the man and the six.”

Sama Al-Masry began her words by giving advice to the men, saying: “You as a knowledgeable man, do what you want to do. Don’t stay dry with it, and you won’t be too hasty with it. Be you craving.”

Then she directed her words to the women, saying: “My dear girlfriend, if you were afraid, the day would be normal, and after that it was not normal. There is no problem for the next week.


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