Watch … shocking statement from the wife of the murdered villa Nancy Ajram


In a shocking statement, the wife of the murdered villa of the artist, Nancy Ajram, said that even if her dead husband was a “thief”, he would not have reduced the star’s money, confirming that he was a very religious person and he never thought about stealing, and on the day of the accident, he took with him his son’s pistol. That is, everyone who sees it will know that it is a children’s gun, not a real one.

In a telephone conversation with the Lebanese channel, Al-Jadeed, she asserted that it is impossible for her husband to do so, and even if he did and entered the theft, would this have decreased Nancy’s money?

This issue has caused a lot of controversy in social networking sites and is still taking a lot of follow-up due to the emergence from time to time of some interesting facts, which makes public opinion and those closely following this issue full of puzzles in a permanent confusion between what is fact or allegations and allegations.

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