Watch … Tariq Al-Aryan in the first appearance after his separation from Asala


Director Tariq Al-Arian appeared for the first time in one of the parties held in Dubai this evening, since the announcement His separation from his wife, the star Asala Last Sunday, January 6, he appeared on Instagram, smiling with the artists present at the ceremony, including Amr Youssef and Mohamed Hefzy.

Tariq Al-Arian commented on the news of the separation announced by Asala and said through his account on “Instagram”: “Unfortunately we have reached the end of this chapter … I will always love and respect this beautiful spirit, the mother of my children forever”, to produce many stories and sayings about the separation And its reasons, but he remained silent until he came out and responded to statements for “the seventh day.”

Tariq Al-Aryan said in his statements that there are incorrectly understood details that cannot be talked about because he refuses that his personal and family life is just a story to tell on people’s tongues, and on the pages of newspapers and websites, especially when they are fabricated and altered, such as Turkish and Indian films..

Tareq Al-Aryan (1)
Tareq Al-Aryan (2)
Tareq Al-Aryan (3)
Tareq Al-Aryan (4)

Tariq Al-Arian with art stars
Tariq Al-Arian with art stars

The filmmaker added: “Stabbing in husbands and families and going into symptoms is very bad, and is not built, but rather destroys families. There is a relationship of love and marriage and ten up to 14 years between me and Asala, to which I have all the love, respect and appreciation, and whatever happens, I will remain a mother to my children, as I my personal and family life belongs to me and my family only, and no one is allowed to interfere in it, just as I am not allowed to interfere in someone’s personal life“.

It is noteworthy that Tariq Al-Arian presented his latest films, “Waleed Rizk 2”, “Waleed Rizk 2” starring Ahmed Ezz, Amr Youssef, Ahmed Al-Fishawy, Ahmed Dawood, Karim Qasim, Khaled Al-Sawy and Nisreen Amin, in addition to Khaled Al-Sawy and Basem Samra with the emergence of a number of stars as guests of honor headed by Ghada Adel Iyad Nassar, Yusra, Majed Al Masry, Asala, Aser Yassin, Reem Mustafa, Mohamed Lotfy, Sayed Ragab, and authored by Salah Al-Juhaini, and the production of Synergy Films by its director Ahmed Badawi, Tariq Al-Erian, Moussa Issa and Al-Taher Media Production.


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