Watch the Iraq-Thailand match live broadcast today 14-1-2019 Iraq game the Asian Cup under the age of 23 years


Watching the Iraq-Thailand match live broadcast today, in an important and strong meeting awaited by the fans of the round witch, both the Olympic team of Iraq meet with its counterpart the Olympic team of Thailand under the age of 23 years in the third and final round of the group stage of the Asian Cup U-23 Championship, which is held on Thai lands, that match that will be held at three and a quarter in the fourth Cairo time and a quarter of Mecca time five and a half Abu Dhabi time, and the two sons of Al-Rafidain enters the match and there are no options before them but victory in the last round and crucial, which will determine whether they will qualify Li the second round or not, especially since the Iraqi team has so far failed to win any match of the two games that fought in the first front had to rely Australia with a view to each of them and tied in the second also against Bahrain with two goals both in an exciting and powerful game.

Watch the match between Iraq and Thailand

On the directory of the homeland, we offer a direct broadcast link for the game of Iraq today and Thailand, and it is currently in second place behind the national team, Thailand, and the public. Therefore, if the Iraqi team wins, they will qualify to the second round. As for the event of a tie or loss, they will return with their inclusion to their homeland, so the players of Iraq will strive to do their best. Their best effort to win this meeting despite its great difficulty being in front of the owner of the land and the public, on the other side the Thai team enters the land and the public and also in second place after his victory in the first round against the Bahrain team with a great result five goals against a goal to lose in the Alm The second opinion against the Australian team with a clean goal.

Iraq match today

The frequency of the BN Sport 5 channel

MThe satelliteHesitation
2Arab Sat12379
3Suhail Sat11547
4Nile sat12245
5Nile sat12264

Therefore, there will not be any chance that the match will be fateful against the Thai national team, except to exit with three points from the match, especially that another result will take it out of the championship, so the owners of the land and the fans will seek to leave the championship while they are on their land and disappoint the fans, so the match is very difficult for the Iraqi and Thai teams. The group ranked first in the Australian team with four points, followed by Thailand with three, then Iraq with two points, and the Bahraini team trails the group with one point, and the match of the Iraqi Olympic team and Thailand Olympic team will be transferred to BN Spur channels Max Sports Qatar, on Tuesday evening to January 14, 2020.


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