Watch .. the skills and numbers of Senegalese Badji, the candidate to support the Al-Ahly attack


Senegalese Elio Badji, Rapid Vienna striker Austria, entered the circle of candidates to support the attack Al-Ahly During the current winter transfer window, the 22-year-old Badji, who was born in 1997, began his professional career in 2015 with the club Senegal’s Casa Sport, then joined the Swedish club Jorgordens in 2017, before leaving in 2019 and joining the ranks of Rapid Vienna Austria.

Badji, who has a length of 189 cm, played this season with the Austrian Rapid team 16 games with 762 minutes, during which he scored 3 goals, made another, and received the yellow card twice.

And Eli Badji is one of the most prominent candidates for transfer to Al-Ahly during the current winter Mercato, where a source in the Red Castle revealed that Amir Tawfiq, the contracting manager, is currently in Austria to negotiate directly with the player and his club about the value of the deal.

The Senegalese striker joins other attackers nominated to support Al-Ahly, as Al-Ahly’s administration intensifies its negotiations with more than one player, including French Harlem Genouiry, Romanian striker Setiwa Bucharest, who was placed by Swiss Rene Vyler at the top of the nominations to join Al-Ahly and lead the team’s attack in the new season.

At the same time, Al-Ahly’s negotiations with the Nigerian Balsing Aliki, striker of the Swiss ministers, did not stop, but he comes second to the nominations if the negotiations with the French Harlem Janouiri stop or falter. Within the circle of nominations to support the attack of the team, the player who had negotiations during the last period through his agent, who nominated him to Al-Ahly.

It is noteworthy that Al-Ahly club officials raised their financial ceiling in the file of buying the new foreign striker, who stopped at 2 million dollars soon, after a fan of the club pledged to bear part of the transaction value for the speedy completion of it, and in the hope that the team would benefit from it as soon as possible, especially as the team On the verge of two fateful encounters in the African Champions League, first against the coastal star and the second in front of the Sudanese Crescent.

Amir Tawfiq, Director of Contracting and Marketing at Al-Ahly, traveled on a European trip in preparation for contracting with a new striker for the Red Team, in order to meet the request of the Swiss technical manager Rene Filer, who confirmed his need for a super foreign striker.


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