Watch … uproar in Saudi Arabia after the emergence of an artist famous for the veil and cigarette


A state of anger provoked by a Saudi artist, after her appearance in a scene in a famous series, where she appeared in a scene contrary to the public taste in the Kingdom after her appearance with a cigarette resembling men.

The artist appeared in the comic series, “Fast Fast”, which is currently shown on television in the Kingdom, where the famous Saudi actress “Ilham Ali” imitated men during a scene that was not comical to the public.

In the scene, the artist put a cigarette in her mouth and lit it while sitting in the robe and veil, but her sitting and movements resemble men according to the rolling clip.

The scene angered the pioneers of networking sites, in accusations of the Saudi actress of abusing the veil and promoting smoking, which is usually considered prohibited and harmful to health.

The scene was a girl in a meeting with a young man inside a public place, but he was shocked when he saw her sitting and speaking like men, which angered users, especially when she uttered words considered offensive.


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