We are facing a war from inside Port Said .. This is the truth of the death of Ahmed Masoud .. Video


Mohamed El-Khouly, the vice-president of the Egyptian club, said that the team is undergoing a war from within Port SaidTo stop the march, he said.

Al-Khouli added, during a phone call to the match program presented by the media, Hani Hathout, via satellite echo of the country:

And he added, “By fighting against people inside Port Said … many rumors do not know where it comes from, I think we are paying the election bills, we are used to that.”

And he moved on to talk about the registration crisis, saying: We want the suspension to be lifted from us and the registration crisis to end in order to conclude the January deals.

He continued: If we cannot conclude deals, we will not allow any player to leave the team during January.

He went on to talk about the team’s goalkeeper Ahmed Masoud, saying: The player is healthy and not true for his death.

Regarding offering the name Ayman Hefni to play in the team’s ranks, he said: “It did not happen, we did not negotiate with the clearing player at all, Ehab Jalal continues with us until the end of the season, whatever the results. “


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