We are studying the legal bases for including the Brotherhood as a terrorist organization


Source: Arabic.net

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on Monday that he was one of 8 lawmakers who presented a bill in Congress, calling on the former US administration (the Obama administration) to include the Muslim Brotherhood on the terrorist list.

He said, in his overall response to a question about whether the US administration intends to take this step at the present time, during a dialogue session with him at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University, that the current administration (the administration of President Donald Trump) is still looking into this and evaluating the step, to ensure that it takes place. That’s “right.”

He added, “The matter is more accurate in my assessment compared to what I saw as the Kansas representative in Congress,” explaining that looking at the matter from within the administration differs from looking at it from the outside, which was endorsed by the former Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, who was conducting the dialogue session.

Pompeo added: “We are still trying to figure out how to achieve this. There are elements within the Muslim Brotherhood that are undoubtedly terrorists, and they are listed on the terrorism list … We are trying to ensure that we are inserting correctly, and we determine the issue correctly, and ensure the legal basis for that.” .

Pompeo went on to explain that the process of “listing as a terrorist organization” may seem just a decision, but it really needs you to work to ensure that there is a legal basis for this, and to ensure that the correct data exists before the listing.

He stressed that these matters must be available “before an individual or group is included in the list of terrorism,” noting that it is a very deep and powerful work and “must be done in a correct manner.”

Pompeo added: “We are trying to finish this process (the inclusion of the Brotherhood as a terrorist organization) .. I don’t know when it will end … except I know that there is a real danger from the Muslim Brotherhood in many countries in the Middle East.”

“We must do our part and hope the participation of our European friends,” Pompeo said.

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