We do not intend to withdraw from Libya


Source: Arabic.Net – Agencies

After Turkey and Russia failed to persuade the Libyan army commander, Khalifa Haftar, to sign a binding ceasefire agreement to stop the attack that started nine months ago in order to drive the militias out of the Libyan capital, Turkey confirmed, on Wednesday, that it would not withdraw from Libya.

Turkish Presidential Adviser Yassin Aktai told Sputnik that Turkey does not intend to withdraw from Libya and does not consider its existence as an occupation.

This comes at a time when he demanded Speaker of the Libyan Parliament, Aqila SalehEarlier Wednesday, an Arab role to counter Turkish interference in Libya. He said during a speech before a session of the Arab Parliament in Cairo: “We demand an Arab role to confront the Turkish invasion of Libya.”

He also called for close ranks to conclude the Arab common defense agreement.

To that, he criticized all Turkish interference in his country, and asked about “what legacy Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan speaks in Libya,” accusing him of trying to revive the legacy of Ottoman injustice in Libya.

“A Turkish team is currently in Libya.”

For his part, the Turkish defense minister said it was too early to say that the ceasefire in Libya had collapsed.

He also acknowledged that a Turkish training team is currently working in Libya.

And Arab sources / Al-Hadath reported, on Tuesday evening, that The commander of the Libyan National Army, Khalifa Haftar, The Russian side has been informed of a number of conditions in order to maintain the Tripoli Armistice, including a time limit of 45 days to 90 days for armed militias to fully hand over weapons.

He also demanded that weapons be restricted from the hands of the militias under the command of the Libyan armed forces.

To that, Haftar informed the Russian side once again of his refusal to be an international mediator, considering that the mediating countries should be neutral, and adhere to support Libyas stability, and not support armed militias or send extremists.

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