We lost to the coastal star by an act … video


Hassan Ali, the Secretary-General of the Sudanese Al-Hilal Club, said that the referee was one of the reasons his team lost the last coastal star game in the African Champions League.

It is noteworthy that Al Hilal plays in the second group of the African Champions League, accompanied by Al-Ahly, the Tunisian coastal star, and Zimbabwe’s Platinum.

“Ali” added, in televised comments on the MBC Egypt channel, “During the coastal star game we presented a unique performance, and the reasons for the loss were arbitration, and we are doomed to take over the management of our match by referees from the Maghreb, and we lost this meeting by an active act.”

“We are preparing to receive Al-Ahly, and the match will be in a friendly and fraternal atmosphere, and the best will win,” he stressed.

Al Hilal will face Platinum at Al-Alamia Stadium in the next round, and it will host Al-Ahly in the sixth and final round.

He continued: “We have a great and legitimate hope to qualify for the next round of the African Champions League and a great determination to go on to reach the farthest point in the tournament, we do not want to be in the final match only, but we want to crown the cup, what prevents?”

It is noteworthy that the coastal star is at the top of the group’s ranking with 9 points, and Al-Ahly comes behind it with 7 points, and Al-Hilal is in third place with 6 points, while Platinum appends the ranking with one point.


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