“We reached the point of decisiveness and we have cautious optimism.” … My thanks for the negotiations to bridge the Al


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Friday 17 January 2020

Books- Hassan Morsi:

Ambassador Sameh Shoukry, Minister of Foreign Affairs, said that Egypt is keen to protect its rights and water resources, adding: “We reached a point of decisiveness during the draft final statement of the Renaissance Dam meetings, and we have cautious optimism, and a final agreement must be reached on January 28-29, and signing An agreement that satisfies all parties. ”

Shokry added, in a telephone interview with the media Amr Adib, on the program “Al-Hekaya”, broadcast on MBC Egypt, “There is mutual understanding about many key definitions and concepts such as drought, extended drought and filling periods, and there are still some points and technical details that need more Exactly in the common understanding, and it must be formulated in a language that cannot be interpreted, and which is the object of the consent of the three parties.

The minister added, “The 6 points that have been set by us, they are the main elements that govern the final agreement, and they are just elements that have not been agreed upon yet but govern the final formulations of the agreement between the three countries, and the agreement that includes specific conditions, quantities and specific times is built upon.” .

On whether the Ethiopian side is more comfortable and optimistic about the negotiations, the Foreign Minister said: “It is a good thing, as long as the satisfaction of the three parties and as long as they feel that there is an interest by Egypt and Sudan in achieving the Ethiopian interest, and on our part we expect that the same spirit will be represented and be more An understanding of the Egyptian and Sudanese interests and ready to fulfill them. ”

The ambassador pointed out that the World Bank and the United States are the sponsors of the negotiations currently and are not proposed to any other framework. The United States has good relations with the three countries and has interests with them, which makes its mediation acceptable and satisfies all parties and has the ability to reconcile the three countries.

In another context, the foreign minister responded to the Turkish statements to its defense minister that (Egypt does not have borders with Libya): “Egypt has land and sea borders adjacent to Libya, and any demarcation of maritime borders in its immediate circle must be in accordance with the rules of international law, adding that the agreement Turkish with the OS itself is illegal and has no effect and is the same as non-existence.

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