We renew our confidence in the Sudanese army and its ability to control the situation


Source: Arabic.Net – Agencies

The Sudanese Prime Minister, Abdullah Hamdouk, stressed that today’s events are under control, we renew our confidence in the army and its ability to control the situation, noting that the current situation proves the need to confirm and advance the partnership with the military.

On Tuesday, the Sudanese authorities closed the country’s airspace as a precautionary measure after a shooting took place at the headquarters of the intelligence service. A group of rebel soldiers were arrested from the Intelligence Operations Authority.

Initial information indicated that it was a case of protest by some employees of the agency’s operations, because of their dissatisfaction with the dues that were paid to them, after the decision to refer them to retirement, within the framework of restructuring the intelligence service.

Sudanese Minister of Information: Limited protest

The Sudanese Minister of Information confirmed in a statement broadcast on official television that what happened was a “limited protest movement,” noting that “the armed forces and the regular forces deal with the situation and work to secure the streets.”

He explained that “there were no casualties between citizens or the regular forces as a result of the protest,” adding that “the responsible authorities continue their efforts to persuade the” rebel “units to surrender themselves and their weapons to the regular forces.”

He declared that “the armed and regular forces reassure the people that they are able to resolve the” rebellion “and secure citizens and facilities.”

The Minister of Information appealed to citizens to “move away from the sites and leave it to the regular forces to secure the situation.”

Intelligence structured

This, according to a statement from the Sudanese intelligence, that within the framework of the structure of the agency and the resulting merger and demobilization, according to the options presented to employees of the Operations Authority, a group of them objected to the value of the financial reward and after-service benefits.

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