“We will not deny the existence of dangerous waste,” the Minister of Health replied to


03:50 PM

Tuesday 14 January 2020

Books – Ahmed Ali and Mira Ibrahim:

Health Minister Hala Zayed revealed that there is an interim phase in the use of 150 million pounds to develop the Boulaq Hospital, in the form of the introduction of urgent services, after which the financial supplies will be resumed.

In her response to the parliamentary interrogation regarding the violations of Bulaq Hospital, the Minister added: “We received a building on which there is a legal dispute for 17 years, and we bought 100 elevators to distribute them to hospitals that need this in the form of diamonds, and we directed 6 elevators to the Bulaq Hospital, the installation of which will be completed in 2021.”

The minister stressed that “she will not deny the existence of dangerous and non-dangerous waste, and we have concluded a work contract with the governorate and localities to remove it, and there are some challenges in the contract, and we continue to follow-up, and we will put more stringent conditions to ensure implementation.”

On manpower, she revealed that “there are 248 doctors other than technicians and workers, which is a sufficient number according to international standards, but we are phased out and we will strive to increase the number in the hospital,” adding: “The hospital is in a strategic location.”

And she continued: “I want to assure MP Al-Husseini and tell him: 100% of the residents of the department, from the smallest child to the oldest elderly who received health services and was treated for free, and we spent on waiting lists in accurate surgeries, and we are in the process of developing the service and our initiatives do not stop.”

“The next year will witness a surge in health initiatives, and during the current year there will be a presidential initiative for pregnant women, to prevent the transmission of diseases to children, and within a few days we will start a campaign to early detection of nephropathy, to prevent kidney failure in Egypt, and any possibility of kidney failure, we will address It has from now, and we have machines that guarantee 100% of the worn out kidney-related machines are covered and washed. “

She added: “In turn, hospitals will enter into comprehensive health insurance. There are 5 governorates coming after Port Said, and we have registered 2 million citizens with their families in comprehensive health insurance, and a higher duty for history is the most valuable law issued in the current legislative term.”

The minister said: “I do not sit in the office, I entered the starving and the disbelievers, I challenge that someone entered it, and I worked with my hands everywhere.”

Zayed talked to the deputies during her talk and the deputies’ comment on the lack of clarity of the voice, saying: “Representative Al-Husseini, who worked hard, to confirm that she will divide her response to several parts, for her keenness to clarify the facts.”

“I thank MP Mohamed Al-Husseini, and I am happy to come to respond to the interrogation of the deputy, and I very much appreciate the efforts of the deputies,” she said, raising the surprise of the attendees by saying that she came after the completion of the 2016 fiscal year, and the Bulaq Hospital was not included in the budget, before she assumed responsibility.

She then reviewed the extension of the budget with a group of blood-related devices and the necessary medical supplies, noting that the Giza Governorate had provided the hospital with funds, and that when preparing the budget last year, it came in the form of initiatives, and that the form of the budget of the Ministry of Health was changed, given the projects that had not yet been completed, To ensure continuity of services to citizens, we prepared initiatives budgets, including what is specific to the Bulaq Hospital.

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