Weather forecast announces weather details for tomorrow, Wednesday, January 22nd


The Egyptian Meteorological Authority revealed the expectations of its experts for the weather situation in the country tomorrow, Wednesday, January 22nd, through the weather forecast issued by the authority daily through its official website, and through our news website today we review with you the expectations of experts of the Meteorological Authority for the weather conditions tomorrow.

Weather tomorrow, Wednesday, January 22

Experts expect the General Authority of Meteorology to prevail in the north of the country tomorrow, Wednesday, cold weather during the day, while there will be moderate cities and governorates in southern Upper Egypt during mild weather during daylight hours, and temperatures will drop at night to prevail very cold weather during the night hours throughout.

Wind and rain condition

On the winds, meteorologists expect that most of them will be moderate northwest, increasing their activity in the western Mediterranean as well as on the Red Sea, causing disturbance of maritime traffic there.

Experts also expect that the chances of rain will increase on the northern coasts of the country, and some areas of the Red Sea, Sinai and Wajh mountain ranges, and that rain may extend to Cairo.

With regard to water drips, it is expected that water dewels will develop in some areas of the north of the country during the early morning hours, while the state of Bahrain, the red and medium, is turbulent.

weather forecast
The weather tomorrow and show the expected temperatures

Expected temperatures tomorrow, Wednesday, January 22nd

CityMinimum temperatureGreat temperature
Sharm El-Shaikh1220
Saint Catherine011
the shortest1019
the new Valley0618

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