Weather warns: heavy rain on Cairo in the evening … and a new frost, starting tomorrow


Dr. Iman Shaker, Director of the Center for Remote Sensing at the Meteorological Authority, said that it is expected that temperatures will drop by 5 degrees, compared to yesterday, and the bone will be recorded today from 19 degrees Celsius.

“Iman Shaker” stressed during her radio interview on the “Extra News” news channel, that there are heavy rains today on the northern coasts of the country, which will reach Cairo in the evening, pointing out that there is a remarkable wind activity on the northern and Cairo regions, which increases the sense of cold from Expected.She added that the rain fall continues until next Saturday, so that it will be heavy in the north of the country and Upper Egypt, indicating the decrease in temperatures tomorrow compared to today at a rate of two degrees to record 16 degrees Celsius.

The director of the remote sensing center added that starting from tomorrow, the minimum temperatures are expected to drop to 9 degrees Celsius, which leads to a feeling of very cold weather, such as last week, and the snow on the crops in central Sinai and northern Upper Egypt.

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