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Dr. Ibrahim Atta, a spokesman for the Meteorological Authority, said that this week the country is witnessing a state of air stability since last Saturday and will continue until tomorrow, but in the early hours of the morning the water lattice, especially on the northern coasts and areas near the water and agricultural surfaces, intensifies on both sides Bahri and Greater Cairo.And Dr. Ibrahim Atta continued, through a telephone intervention on the “Good Morning Egypt” program, which is broadcast on Egypt First Channel, that the weather is wonderful in the south of the country and it is warm to the full sun.

Dr. Ibrahim Atta stated that the average temperatures are expected to reach greater Cairo, Lower Egypt and Northeastern coasts, and may reach 19 degrees Celsius, but with a set of clouds that block sunlight during the daytime periods.

Dr. Ibrahim Atta added, that the expected temperature temperatures on the northwestern coast may reach 18 ° C, and it is expected that there is an opportunity for rain to fall on the most northwestern coast, and it may increase tomorrow, and this is due to an air depression in the western region.

He noted that after tomorrow, the country will return to a state of instability in the air and a decrease in temperature, and that it may have an impact on the northern coasts and on the movement of navigation and marine activities, and stressed the desire to wear heavy winter clothes and be careful while driving.

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