What are the options of the Palestinians towards the “deal of the century”?


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Trump will announce the deal of the century after meeting with Trump on Tuesday

As the world awaits the announcement of US President Donald Trump, the details of his Middle East peace plan, known as the “Deal of the Century”, which he said he will announce on January 27, a great question arises, how will the Palestinian side respond In the event that Trump went with the Israeli side, in imposing his plan, independently of the Palestinian rejection.

And Israeli media reports have reported that the head of the Israeli “Blue and White” party, General Benny Gantz, and the main competitor of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, left on Sunday, January 26, for Israel, where he will hold consultations with US President Donald Trump on the deal of the century.

Israeli reports indicated that Trump will also meet separately with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to discuss the same matter before announcing the details of the plan on Tuesday.

Palestinian angry responses

The American President’s announcement of his intention to announce the “Deal of the Century” on Tuesday sparked angry reactions from many Palestinian parties, and Fatah considered that Trump used the deal, as part of his support for Netanyahu in the Israeli elections that will take place next March, while describing Saeb Erekat, Secretary of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization, the American plan to “defraud the century.”

For its part, the Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas in Gaza, considered that the deal of the century represents “targeting the Palestinian presence, the identity of Jerusalem, and the nation’s relationship with Palestine and Al-Aqsa Mosque.” The movement added in a statement that “all these plans to liquidate the Palestinian cause would not have been raised, or a large part of it would have been passed had it not been for the state of regional and international identification with it.”

Mustafa Barghouti, Secretary-General of the Palestinian National Initiative Movement, said, “The terms of the deal are nothing but a dedication of the Israeli apartheid regime against the Palestinian people and the destruction of any opportunities for peace in the region, and an attempt to impose normalization with the apartheid system at the expense of the Palestinian people and their national rights, and that the date for their submission and the invitation of Gantz and Netanyahu to Washington reveals Trump’s attempt to rescue Netanyahu, and to use brutality with Palestinian rights as a means to support the election campaigns of Trump and Netanyahu. ”

Trump and Netanyahu are satisfied

For his part, US President Donald Trump described the deal of the century as “great and will succeed”, and in response to questions from reporters aboard Air Force One, on his trip to Florida, Trump said, “I have always said that I love being able to make this deal. They say this is the most difficult Of all the deals, I love doing deals. ”

As for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, he described the plan before he left for Washington, as “an opportunity that happens once in history.” He added: “An opportunity like this occurs once in history and cannot be missed, and today we have a friend in Israel in the White House that is greater than any Time passed, so today we have more opportunity than ever. ”

What are the options of the Palestinians?

Many Palestinian personalities consider that Trump is moving forward with his plan with Israeli support and approval, not paying any attention to the Palestinians’ opposition to her, and he has not even invited any of the Palestinian parties to brief him on the details, and in this case, many Palestinian parties are talking about different options, With no acceptance of what Trump proposes in his plan, which they see as a liquidation of the Palestinian issue from their point of view.

The official Israeli channel, Kan, had quoted unnamed Palestinian security officials on Saturday, January 25, as saying that there was now “a climate before the first intifada (1987-1993)”, and the Palestinian leadership was considering cutting ties with Israel and stopping security coordination .

The channel noted that the Israeli Chief of Staff, Aviv Kochavi, canceled an expanded military seminar, scheduled for Monday, January 27, in anticipation of an escalation in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, with Trump announcing the details of the “deal of the century”.

In light of the Palestinian rejection of the American plan, which they believe will bury the two-state solution forever, legalize Israeli settlements, and involve the ceding of Jerusalem, as the capital of the Palestinian state, etc., observers ask the question what are the options available to the Palestinians, who appear in a state of shock, leading them to Just a theoretical rejection, at a time when the plan may go ahead on the ground in isolation.

While Palestinian writers criticize the absence of a unified Palestinian strategy to face the deal of the century since it was first announced, some Palestinian politicians talk about multiple options, the first of which is to seek to end the state of Palestinian division internally, then go to the UN Security Council and other international bodies, through To activate all forms of popular resistance, put an end to security and political agreements with the Israeli side, and impose a comprehensive boycott on the occupation, they said.

In your opinion

What are the options for the Palestinians in the event that the Century deal was imposed in isolation from them?

Why Trump chose to announce the deal of the century at this time?

Have the Palestinians been ignored in the negotiations over the deal?

What is the position of the Arab parties regarding what seems to ignore the other parties in the region without the Israeli side?

Do you expect anything positive for the Palestinians that might be included in the plan expected to be announced?

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