What did Boris Johnson say about Harry and Megan’s separation from the family’s money?


11:11 am

Tuesday 14 January 2020

London – dpa:

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that he is a great fan of the royal family.

When asked in a dialogue with the British Broadcasting Corporation, “BBC” about the ongoing debate about the future of Prince Harry and his wife Megan, he replied: “I trust that the royal family will be able to settle its affairs on its own.”

He added that he loved the Queen and the royal family, which he considered to be a wonderful asset to Britain.

He explained, “All these problems can be understood, and I have no doubt that the family will find a solution to them.”

Prince Harry and his wife Megan unexpectedly announced last Wednesday their plans for their financial independence and the division of their time between Britain and North America.

Yesterday, Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of Britain, held talks with Prince Harry on their own, followed by talks joined by Prince Charles and Prince William.

The Queen described the discussions she had with her grandson, Prince Harry, 35, in Sandringham, eastern England, as “very constructive”.

The queen said she and Harry’s royal family supported Harry and Meghan’s desire to “provide a new life as a young family,” noting that there was agreement that there would be a “transitional period in which the Duke and Duchess of Sussex (Harry and Megan) spent their time in Canada and Britain.”


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