What happens in your body when you sleep on the left side?


Sleep SultanBut someone from us has a specific and preferred method of sleeping, so during this report we will learn about the best and most important health benefits of sleeping on the left side, according to the website. “hhdresearch”.

If you are one of the people who prefer sleeping on the right side, on the back, on the abdomen, or on the left side, you should read the following lines to know which is better for your health, so the report indicated that sleep on the left side is the gold standard in determining the position of sleep, and there are many benefits Health that permeates the body, including:

Improves digestion

Did you know that eating before bed is bad, and increases your chances of being poorly digested, but in case you want to eat before bed you should eat a low-calorie food to reduce exposure to indigestion.

Some studies have proven that sleeping on the left side is one of the important things that contribute to improved digestion, because when you lie on the left side this allows food to pass into the large intestine easily and it also prevents the stomach from lying on the pancreas, which supports the free flow of digestive enzymes.

– It works to strengthen the heart ..

The heart must beat non-stop in order to preserve life, and it is a big task and can be affected by a combination of factors from diet to the air we breathe in. There is no doubt that heart disease is the main killer of adults all over the world, and to reduce the risks make your heart’s task easier Sleep on your left side, because when you sleep on the left side to help the heart move blood to reach the rest of the body.

Relieves back pain ..

Sleeping on the left side relieves pressure on the spine, and the more pressure you put on the back during sleep, the more effort your muscles need to keep everything in place, and deeper when you sleep on the left side, you improve blood circulation and reduce the feeling of pain.


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