“What I do not know about me” .. Confessions of a girl accused of murdering her neighbor with 17 stabs


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Monday 13 January 2020

Books – Saber Al-Mahlawi:

The suspect accused of killing a driver inside his house with 17 stabs throughout his body, made detailed confessions in front of the Giza Department Prosecution, which lasted for nearly 9 hours, and ended with the decision to imprison her for 4 days pending investigations.

The suspect said in the prosecution’s investigations, that she had met her neighbor (the victim), several months ago, noting that they had met several times, during which he had been delusional about his desire to marry her, and asked to meet her in his apartment, which is located opposite the property.

The suspect continued in the prosecution’s investigations, that the relationship between them developed into incomplete sexual relations within his apartment several times, explaining that when he faced him in connection with her, he refused, so she decided not to accompany him again.

The girl continued: After a period of submission to another person, and when the victim learned that he tried to communicate with her, and asked her to continue their relationship together, but she refused, he threatened her with pictures and video clips of her without her knowledge, so the intention was made to kill him, “I tried to end the relationship and live my life but I did not like it In my self. “

On the day of the crime, the defendant said that she took a knife from her apartment, hid it between her clothes, went to him, and asked him for a mobile phone containing her photos and videos, but he refused and paid him several stab wounds until he died and threw the phone and the knife in the Nile.

The beginning: Major General Tareq Marzouq, Assistant Minister of the Interior, Director of Giza Security, received a notification to find the body of a driver inside his house in the Department of Giza. A security force headed by Lieutenant-Colonel Amr Farouk, head of the Giza Department of Investigation, moved, and it was found that the victim was afflicted with approximately 17 stabs. The detective has a research team to uncover the circumstances of the crime.

Investigations under the supervision of Major General Sameh Al-Hamili, Deputy Director of the General Department of Investigations, revealed that behind the crime was a 19-year-old girl residing in the property facing Al-Majni’s residence.

A security force headed by Colonel Mohamed Al-Shazly, inspector of the investigations in the West Giza sector, managed to arrest the accused, and in confronting them, they confessed to the crime.

A report of the incident was filed, and the prosecution took over the investigation.

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