What is a mild heart attack and what is its risk?


Some people suffer from a heart attack but have not caused heart damage, and this is called a “mild heart attack.”And although it does not cause a heart problem, it must be taken seriously. A mild heart attack is still a big problem that causes concern. In the following lines, we learn about the risks of having a mild heart attack, according to the Cleveland Clinic website.

Mild heart attack
Mild heart attack

What is a mild heart attack?

A mild heart attack is a common way to indicate what doctors call a non-elevated myocardial infarction, and this indicates how a heartbeat appears on an electrocardiogram.

In this type of heart attack, blood flow through one of the coronary arteries is partially blocked, limiting the oxygen-containing “oxygenated” blood reaching the heart muscle..

Dr. Joseph Campbell, a cardiologist, said: “If you are told that you have a mild heart attack, this probably means that your heart has not suffered major damage and is still pumping normally.”“.

How do doctors know the type of heart attack that you suffered?

You cannot predict the outcome of a heart attack because of the symptoms or how severe they are, which is why you should not ignore symptoms that suggest a possible heart attack.

Dr. Campbell said: “How well you recover after a heart attack depends on how quickly you behave, the sooner you receive urgent medical care, the better the chance that you will suffer permanent damage to your heart better.”. “

Once you have a heart attack and go to the hospital, your blood will be examined for any enzymes indicating damage to your heart muscle, and an echocardiogram is performed to find out how well your heart is pumping.

However, it may take several hours to determine if you have had a heart attack – and the type of treatment required, this means, if you are not sure what your symptoms mean, it is safer for you to go to the emergency room immediately, until you are rest assured, and so that no more damage occurs to your heart If you neglect treatment.

Why should mild heart attacks be taken so seriously?

Even if your heart is not affected, your heart attack should be considered seriously, as a mild heart attack means “that you are at increased risk for a heart attack or other stroke.”

Your doctor will devise a plan to prevent another heart attack, but it is you who must implement it.

It is extremely important to understand that the way you live your life and manage your risk factors will influence what will happen to you after that, and make changes in your lifestyle to prevent a heart attack by quitting smoking, eating a healthy diet and following doctor’s instructions and taking medications that He writes it to you regularly.


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