What is lymph node disease and its symptoms?


Lymph nodes They are small round glands located in different parts of the body, they are part of the lymphatic system responsible for fighting infections and diseases, and the main task of the lymph nodes is to harbor the white blood cells responsible for controlling infection. In the following lines, we learn about the disease and enlarged lymph nodes, according to the site ” factdr“.


What is lymphadenopathy?

When the body encounters a problem, such as infection, injury, or cancer, the group of lymph nodes in that region may swell in response.

This occurs because the nodes filter the bad cells, as the easily observable lymph nodes in the neck, thigh, and armpits swell.

If more than one area of ​​the lymph nodes is swollen, this may be an indication of some infections (chickenpox or throat), immune system diseases or cancer.

Viral infections can cause doubling the size of the lymph nodes.

Enlarged lymph nodes
Enlarged lymph nodes

Causes of lymph nodes disease

Lymphadenopathy can occur for many reasons, including:


Usually a viral infection (such as a cold or influenza) is the cause of lymph nodes, other infections that may cause lymphadenopathy are:

Strep throat.

The number of white blood cells.

Upper respiratory infection.

Ear infections

Acute hay fever.

Skin infections or wounds.

When fighting a viral or bacterial infection, the lymph nodes swell and this indicates that they are successfully fighting the infection.

Autoimmune disorders

Some immune system disorders such as AIDS and autoimmune diseases (rheumatoid arthritis or lupus) can cause swollen lymph nodes.

Insect bites

Bites of some insects, such as wasps, may cause swollen lymph nodes.

Dental abscesses

Dental abscess refers to a group of pus that is usually caused by a bacterial infection. There are different types of dental abscesses, and one of the main symptoms of tooth abscess is enlarged lymph nodes in the neck, under the jaw.


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