What is the story of the two Syrian films “To Sama” and “The Cave” that won the Oscars 2020?


The list of films nominated for the 2020 International Academy Awards included Syrian films that embody the pain of the Syrians and their suffering from the bloody war led by the Assad regime against the Syrian people nine years ago.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences “Oscar” has announced a list of documentary films nominated for its annual award. Among the films are two Syrian films, “To To Sama”, directed by Waad Al-Khatib, and “Cave” by Firas Fayad.

The film “To Sama”, which was produced by the British Channel 4, by Waad Al-Khatib and director Edward Watts, revolves around the life of his director “Al-Khatib” for five years in the city of Aleppo, from her marriage to the birth of her daughter “Sama” whose name the film was called and all that passed With him in the afflicted Aleppo, until the last moment of her forced displacement from her, the film carries a message to the daughter “Sama” and explains why the Syrians revolted, demanding their freedom against the Assad regime.

While the events of the movie “The Cave”, which was produced by the “National Geographic Network,” documenting life in the secret “Cave” Hospital in Eastern Ghouta during its long siege, the film depicts the daily life of the medical staff in the hospital and how the East Ghouta people are treated and treated during the ongoing barbaric bombing He has the region from Assad’s forces and his ally Russia.

On their way to the Academy Award, the two films won numerous awards at international film festivals, and they received wide international attention for documenting the pain of the Syrian people and their success in delivering humanitarian messages to the world that the Assad regime repeatedly tried to discredit.

It is mentioned that it is not the first time that he nominated Syrian films that embody Syrian suffering to the Oscars, as “The Last Men in Aleppo” was nominated for the long documentary category in the ninetieth Oscars in 2017.


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