What will happen after the Queen’s Statement on Harry’s and Markle’s future is released?


The Queen of Britain issued a statement explaining that while she wished Prince Harry and his wife Markle would not be separated from members of the royal family, they “respected and understood” their desire to live a “more independent life as a family.”

At the Crisis Meeting, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex abandoned royal duties, at Sandringham Palace, Elizabeth II admits that there are still “complex things” to be resolved, but says she hopes all of them will be resolved by the end of the week.

The conversation now revolves around what will really happen next.

Currently, Harry is slated to remain in the UK until at least Thursday, when he hosts an important event at Buckingham Palace.

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Key decisions discussed by a crisis meeting that Harry and Markle abandoned ownership

The Duke hosts the World Rugby World Cup draw, an event that was planned before the shocking couple’s announcement.

It is believed that Prince Harry will return to Canada, to join Megan after a short period, as the couple left their son Archie there and returned to Britain to announce the decision to relinquish the monarchy.

After the rugby board, Megan and Harry have no other official ties in the UK, which means we don’t know when we will officially see them again.

In her statement, the Queen confirmed that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex intended to move to Canada, which is part of the Commonwealth, in the near future. Although she did not announce a specific date, she said they would move between the two countries during a “transitional period”.

Harry and Markle’s announcement, drafted very carefully last week, revealed their desire to divide their time between Britain and North America.

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US-born Megan Markle, Ontario, Toronto, is her adopted home after staying there while she starred in Suits.

The Queen is to be staying in Sandringham, as she does every year, until early February. She stays at her home in Norfolk to commemorate the anniversary of her father’s death before returning to London.

There are still many unanswered questions about Megan and Harry’s future roles in the royal family, including whether they will retain royal titles.

The royal editor, Russell Myers, believes that the Queen’s statement included ample evidence that the couple decided to give up their titles or strip them of them.

Source: Mirror


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