Where are the most suitable planets to live and live in?


Astronomers at the University of Villanova in the United States have revealed the locations of planets most suitable for life, as the planets should revolve around stars of the type “K” Orange whose temperature reaches 3500-5000 K, and scientists observed the stars belonging to different spectral types for thirty years starting from the type F (White-yellow stars) to the red dwarfs, and they analyzed the x-rays and ultraviolet rays emitted by the bright stars to assess whether there could be life on their planets, according to the Science Alert newspaper.“.

And it turned out that although the livable area is smaller around stars than class K Compared to those around solar stars, these luminous stars are more common, with about a thousand orange stars located a hundred light years from Earth, and the average lifetime of a star is estimated K It ranges between 25 and 80 billion light-years, which are quieter than red dwarfs, for example they have an orange star “Kepler” 442 Rocky planet “Kepler-442b”It is located in the livable area.

It is noteworthy that NASA revealed several days ago that the telescope “Tess”, which was chasing the planets, spotted a new planet the size of the Earth, in which water might be available because it is located not far away and not close to its star..

And called the planet “TOI 700D”, which is relatively close to the Earth, as it is located at a distance of a hundred light years, as explained by the “Laboratory Proprietary Laboratory” of NASA.

“Tess was designed and launched specifically to find planets the size of Earth and in orbit around nearby stars,” said Paul Hearts, director of NASA’s Astrophysics Department.

Tess failed to observe the planet at first, but amateur astronomers including high school student Alton Spencer discovered a classification error from the beginning, which allowed an understanding of the actual nature of the planet.


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