Where will Americans go after the climate change crisis? Smart map reveals


An AI map reveals where millions of Americans will move once climate change forces them out of coastal cities, and Las Vegas and Dallas are among the best options. Sea level rise is not expected to change the landscape not only in the United States, but also It will also remake the place where millions of people are calling in their homes.

According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, the world used artificial intelligence to map the places where people will migrate once their coastal dwellings are exposed to six feet of water.

It is estimated that approximately 13 million Americans will have to relocate by the end of this century, with many heading to landlocked cities such as Atlanta, Houston, Dallas, Denver, and Las Vegas.

The model also predicts that the suburban and rural areas of the Midwest will see a disproportionately large flow of people relative to the smaller number of locals.

“The rise in sea level will affect every province in the United States, including inland areas,” said Bystra Delchina, a professor of computer science at the University of Southern California, who led the study.

He added, “We hope this research will enable urban planners and local decision makers to prepare to accept residents displaced by sea-level rise.”

Our results indicate that everyone should pay attention to sea level rise, whether they live on the coast or not, as this is a global impact problem, as scientists have previously warned during a study that a glacier may cause sea level water to increase “half a meter.”

The team notes that sea-level rise will be caused by melting ice and glaciers and the expansion of seawater during rising temperatures.

They also believe that hundreds of homes along the US coast will be submerged in the next few decades, such as Texas, Florida and New Jersey, and all three have suffered floods over the past decade alone.

Also, by the end of this century, a 6-foot sea level rise would redraw the coastline of southern Florida, parts of North Carolina, Virginia, and most of Boston and New Orleans.

The team found that there will be more immigrants to Houston and Dallas than previous studies have shown, and AI tools also expect that areas around Los Angeles can see tens of thousands of Americans flooded with their favorite coastal destinations to choose alternative destinations.


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