Who is Abdullah Al-Suwaidi, the face of the Al-Hamdeen Al-Hidden Organization in support of terrorism? .. Video


In a new report prepared by the Maat Foundation, it reveals details of the exploitation of Doha and the Hamdain system of charitable societies and organizations in disseminating extremist and terrorist thought in the region, in order to implement the Qatar terrorist scheme in many countries of the region.

The report stated that among those personalities who assume the tasks of these terrorist charitable organizations is Ali Abdullah Al-Suwaidi, director of the Qatari Eid Charitable Organization, which has a long history with the people associated with terrorist groups, led by Al Qaeda and ISIS, and providing them with support, as it was a bridge to transport Money for these terrorist groups.

The report continued that Eid is affiliated with the Qatari government institutions, and despite that it has a long history with terrorism and spreading terrorism in Europe and the region under the guise of charitable and Islamic organizations.

Earlier, a documentary film released in German revealed that Qatar continued to finance extremist organizations in the European Union under the cover of Qatar Charitable Foundation, which provided millions of dollars in this financing..

The documents showed that Qatar Charity Foundation is funding 140 projects in Europe worth more than half a billion Qatari riyals, the share of the first European countries came the largest, and according to the documentary film, Italy had 47 projects, followed by France with 22 projects, then Germany with 10 projects, Britain 6 projects, Spain 5 projects, and the rest The projects were distributed in the remaining European countries.

The film revealed official Qatari documents that included bank transfers in favor of Islamic centers affiliated with the Brotherhood in Europe, where the Qatar Charitable Foundation is taking advantage of the diplomatic immunity of its arm in Europe, Ahmed Al Hammadi, to deliver support to extremist organizations, which in turn receives it from the former Qatar Minister of Interior, Hamad bin Nasser Al Thani.

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