Who is Fadi Al-Hashem, Nancy Ajram’s husband accused of killing a worker inside his villa?


Fadi Al-Hashem has become the most frequently used name on social media pages, not only being the husband of one of the most famous artists in the Arab world and she is Nancy Ajram, but because his name is related to an issue that has become the most exciting and mysterious in this period, where Fadi was charged with the premeditated murder of the Syrian young man Mohammed Al-Mousa Who broke into the Fadi house two weeks ago … but who is Fadi Al-Hashim and what is his history before he was related to Nancy

A dentist works and follows many cases, most of them celebrities.

Fadi Al-Hashem
Fadi Al-Hashem

He married the Lebanese artist in 2008.


His love relationship with Nancy Ajram started in 2005 through her hesitation to his clinic as a patient and then the relationship was strengthened to end in marriage in 2008 in Cyprus.

Al-Hashem held a huge marriage ceremony in Marrakech, Morocco, and the honeymoon was in the European islands.

The artist Shakira Palace, which is estimated at 11 million dollars and 648 dollars, was the gift of the ransom to Nancy.

They had 3 children, Ella, Mila, and Leah.

Born in 1969, any age difference between him and the artist Nancy 14 years.

Nancy Ajram's husband
Nancy Ajram’s husband

They married a civil marriage because of their different religious denomination, he is a Maronite, and she belongs to the Roman community.

He loves meditation and taming predators, and he had a snake in his house that spent years raising them at his home.

– Judge Ghada Aoun, the Public Appeal Prosecutor in Mount Lebanon, charged him with the crime of killing the Syrian citizen, Muhammad Musa, according to Article 547, on the basis of Article 229, penalties (intentional killing).

A) There are many accounts on this issue. Some said that the young man, who is Syrian, worked for Nancy Ajram, and wanted to claim his dues, while Nancy denied any knowledge of her family about the dead man.


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