Who is the sweetest … Latifa shines in the dress of Nahed El Sebai … pictures


Tunisian actress Latifa shared her followers through her official account on the social networking site Instagram, with pictures of her during her appearance on one of the occasions during the past days.Latifa starred in the pictures with an elegant classic look, as she wore a long dress that combined gold and silver color, the design bore the signature of designer Hany El Behairy.

Latifa dress was characterized by the style of a single sleeve that tops the latest fashion, and is decorated with elegant jewelry that increased its elegance.

Latifa relied on the tufts of her streamlined hair, which was attached to her shoulders, while the beautician Mona Jamal put her an attractive makeup based on the attractive colors that revealed the beauty of her features.

The artist Latifa was not the first to appear in this dress, as she was preceded by the artist Nahid El Sebaei during her appearance on one of the occasions in the same dress.


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