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Who will succeed Daniel Craig in James Bond?

Source: Reuters

The producer of the latest films James Bond During an interview, the next character who will play Customer 007 will not be a woman, with increasing speculation about who will replace actor Daniel Craig in personifying.

Craig, 51, is slated to step down from character performance after the latest film, “No Time to Die” (No Time to Day), to be released in April 2020.

Rumors spread about who would replace Craig, and whether she would be a woman, but Barbara Broccoli told Variety magazine that the actor who would play the role would inevitably be a man.

She is the producer of the movie, along with Michael G. Wilson: “He (the actor) can be of any race but he must be a man.”

The Bond series is one of the largest chains in terms of revenue in the world, as the movie (Specter) that produced in 2015 achieved revenues of $ 880 million at the global box office, while the movie (Skyfall) that produced in 2012 exceeded the barrier of one billion dollars globally.

Broccoli said she believed in creating strong female personalities, but added: “I am not interested in taking a man’s character and giving it to a woman to embody it, and I think women are more important than that.”


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