Why did the expressions of the face of the murderer of the “Shahama Martyr” change? .. A psychologist answers


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Muhammad Rajeh, the first accused in the case of the “Shaheed Al Shahama”, appeared today, through a photo taken by “Al Masry Al Youm” during his entry to the court to attend the first appeal sessions of the case, which ended with the case being postponed to the February 11 session, while wearing prison clothes, and his facial expressions have changed dramatically. On the times that his face appeared clearly during the previous four sessions before pronouncing him and the second and third accused, he was sentenced to 15 years imprisonment, and the fourth accused was sentenced to 5 years imprisonment.

The features of Rajeh today were dominated by stability and fearless, and he appeared with a look that is not free of strength and ability to confront, while his feelings during the previous sessions were completely different, which appeared through his expressions that were pervaded by fear, weakness and remorse, and also his crying when he left the court headquarters after hearing the ruling and taking him A copy of the Noble Qur’an and its recitation of the Quranic verses before and during the last session of the trial.

Why did Rajeh’s expressions of force change after his imprisonment? .. A psychologist answers

Al-Masry Al-Youm contacted psychological consultant Ibrahim Magdi to clarify the extent of the development of the psychological condition of Rajih after his imprisonment.

“Magdi” said that the cause of weakness and anxiety that controlled the accused during pre-judgment sessions is fear of the unknown, as he did not know what awaited him in prison and did not know what his expected fate was, as well as the solidarity of public opinion against him strongly.

A psychiatrist consultant added, that people in these circumstances may have two things that happen to them either breaking or gaining strength, and he is considered a type II successor, as his view today indicates that after entering prison he became more powerful and passed the stage of fear of imprisonment, and knew about the new life that received him He adapted to it, and his fate was no longer unknown, which made him more fierce and powerful, in addition to the authority of money. It is known from his family that they are in easy condition, which may make him more comfortable in prison than others, so we find in his view a kind of challenge.

He pointed out that he had hope that his sentence would be reduced after the appeal session, explaining that Rajeh wanted to deliver a message to public opinion through his view that he is able to confront society after serving his sentence, and that he is no longer broken, especially as he is in an age characterized by challenge and stubbornness.

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