Why does Egypt import gas from Israel? The former Minister of Petroleum answers


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Wednesday 15 January 2020

Books – Abdel Qader Ramadan:

Eng. Osama Kamal, the former Minister of Petroleum, said that receiving Israeli gas in Egypt does not mean that Egypt imports it in its favor, but rather an agreement between private companies in order to import it for the purpose of liquefaction in Egyptian liquefaction stations, and re-export it back to Europe.
Egypt and Israel announced early Wednesday morning, that Israeli gas has begun to be pumped to Egypt via the East Mediterranean gas pipeline.

A joint statement from the Ministries of Petroleum and Energy in Egypt and Israel said that this step represents an important development that serves the economic interests of both countries.

The statement stated that this development will enable Israel to transfer quantities of its natural gas to Europe through the Egyptian LNG factories, within the framework of Egypt’s growing role as a regional gas center.

Kamal, in a dialogue with Masrawy, to be published later, stated that the agreement on which private companies are based allows the passage of Israeli gas into the Egyptian national network, to reach the liquefaction stations in Edko and Damietta, for the purpose of its liquefaction and re-export, on behalf of Israel.
Kamal said: “Israel has discovered large quantities of gas and is not able to drain it, and wants to export it, and there is no way for it now, except for the gas line from which gas was imported from Egypt. The line has been repaired and modified to allow the passage of gas in both directions, so that Israeli gas is pumped in The line, to be liquidated in Egypt and exported to Israel, and in return, Egypt will receive fees for transit and liquefying gas.
He added: “If Egypt needs future quantities of this gas, you will get it at a cheap price instead of importing liquefied gas at twice the price.”
I mean, I import gas from a far place for 8 dollars and I do not import it from my side for 3 or 4 dollars .. Is this a legal or juristic matter that we say is permissible and forbidden, this is a purely economic matter, if you need gas in Egypt we buy it, and we do not need it now because we We have enough and we export quantities to Jordan and also quantities of liquefied gas, “according to Kamal.

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