Why failure to withdraw confidence from the Minister of Health in Parliament?


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Tuesday 14 January 2020

Books – Ahmed Ali and Mira Ibrahim:

Success, 4 hours after its discussion in the plenary session of the House of Representatives, today, Tuesday, has not been successful for the interrogation that MP Mohamed Al-Husseini submitted about the worn out of Bulaq Dakrur General Hospital.

Dr. Ali Abdel-Aal, Speaker of the House of Representatives, had announced the closure of the discussion in the request to withdraw confidence from Health Minister Hala Zayed, which was submitted by more than a tenth of the members of the Council.

During the verification of the names of the signatories to the no-confidence motion, it was clear that most of them were absent from the session, to consider this as a waiver of their signature of the recall of the Minister of Health, which caused the failure to complete the parliamentary procedures to withdraw confidence from the Minister of Health.

Abdel-Al said that, “In the meantime, the request to withdraw confidence was waived due to the lack of a quorum to vote on the request due to the absence of a number of applicants.”

This came in his speech after the end of the discussion of the interrogation about the deterioration of Bulaq Dakrur General Hospital, and the poor health services provided to citizens in the neighborhood, which causes their suffering in search of hospitals and medical centers, whether governmental or private to receive treatment.

Abdel-Al explained that the internal regulations of the Council require all applicants to withdraw confidence to attend it, which is a waiver of them from the request, and in violation of the quorum required to vote.

And Article 227 of the internal regulations of the council stipulated that “taking into account what was mentioned in Article 224 of these regulations, the president presents the request with a proposal to withdraw confidence from the council after discussing an interrogation addressed to the one who submitted the request to withdraw confidence, and after he checks the presence of the applicants at the session, and is considered The absence of one of them in the session is a waiver of the request, and the two authors of the proposal are authorized to speak, then the discussion will take place in the request if the council sees a place for that.

As stated in Article 224 of the internal regulations of the House of Representatives that it considers the failure of the interrogator to attend the specified session to discuss his interrogation a withdrawal of interrogation.

Shortly before the plenary session was adjourned, Abdel-Aal returned, saying, “The interrogation of the Minister of Health succeeded in confronting the minister with all the files that the health sector suffers from,” adding that it came as a “warning bell” for the whole government.

For his part, MP Mohammed al-Husseini, the interrogator, commented, “We got the message.”

Al-Husseini said that “there is no personal disagreement with the Minister of Health, but at the same time what she said in her self-defense is unfounded.”

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