Wind, cold and rain on Cairo … Weather forecast announces the weather


12:49 PM

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Books – Muhammad Nassar:

The Meteorological Authority announced on Friday the details of Friday’s weather throughout.

The Meteorological Authority said that the Friday weather witnesses rain on the northern coasts, Lower Egypt and Cairo, which may extend to the north of Upper Egypt.

The winds are active on most parts and lead to disturbance of marine navigation on the Red and Medium Bahrain, and the weather is cool to the north of the country until the north of Upper Egypt, moderate to the south of Upper Egypt, and a very cold day at night.

And about the expected temperatures tomorrow, Friday:

Greater Cairo 17 11

Lower Egypt 16 10

Northwest Coast 16 12

Northeastern and North Sinai coastlines 11 11

South Sinai and Hurghada 21 15

North of Upper Egypt 18 08

South Upper Egypt, Halayeb and Shalatin 20 10

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