With his Rolls Royce car, Mohamed Ramadan lights his party in Dubai in a new video clip


Keen the star Mohamed Ramadan, On the participation of his fans, in a new video, from his last party in Dubai, UAE, in which he appeared while driving his white Rolls Royce on stage, and his fans quickly interacted with him by singing the song ” Money“.

Ramadan posted a video clip through his personal account on the famous Instagram website, which included new clips of his party, and wrote, “One of the strongest parties in Dubai”, and his fans quickly interacted with the video in the comments, and they made sure to repeat the song with him greatly.

Ramadan had announced a surprise during his concert in Dubai, which is preparing for a new movie that will combine him with the star Saad, just together..

Saad just said during his concert that I live with Muhammad Ramadan in the presence of a huge mass audience: “Fakr, we promised the audience, God willing, a new movie that brings us together and is currently being prepared.” And the audience met the surprise with a storm of welcome and chants. And if the soul is in the faces of the artists, it will remain in 10 thousand people.“.

Mohamed Ramadan had recently released his latest song, which was filmed on the video clip entitled “Raheen Nahar”, and directed by Mohamed Samy, who is collaborating with him this year in the series “Al-Prince”, which is scheduled to be shown in the upcoming Ramadan season, where Mohamed Sami will compose and direct it, Produced by Synergy, to witness this third cooperation between them in relation to cinema and drama, after the two together presented the series “The Legend” and the movie “Pulling Parts”.


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