With numbers and details … everything you need to know about Bernice military base (video)


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The documentary film produced by the armed forces on the Bernese military base revealed the details of the base with numbers, which were as follows:

The base is built on an area of ​​150 thousand acres.

Along the coasts of the Red Sea and the southern border of Egypt

Air and sea:

Air fissure

It includes a number of air corridors, each of them with a length of 3000 meters and a width ranging between 30 and 45 meters and a number of 2 Tarmac, in addition to a number of aircraft smelling with a large fortification force and includes a general hangar for the maintenance and repair of aircraft and a technical area that includes 45 buildings and an administrative area with a total of 51 buildings, mechanical units and armored units Signal elements, electronic warfare units, observation units, and the air defense group.

Sea slit

It includes a dock of 1000 meters long to meet the needs of large submarine ships such as aircraft carriers, submarines and frigates

Several fields of shooting and training for all types of weapons, a number of administrative and residential establishments, and work is underway to establish a commercial port that will contain a meter of berths with a length of 1200 meters and a depth of 17 meters, a number of service facilities, such as a military hospital equipped with all medical equipment and operating rooms and includes 50 beds, And a number of service facilities such as a seawater desalination plant with a capacity of 3400 cubic meters per day

All facilities have been connected to a network of main roads with a total length of 40 km and internal roads to the military base with lengths of up to 110 km, network work and utilities and a number of industrial works to meet the dangers of torrents, and in addition to military installations there is a civilian airport consisting of a corridor of 3650 length and 60 meters width Civilian accommodates about eight planes and a passenger terminal to accommodate 600 passengers per hour and a control tower of 58 meters long.

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