With video Amin Fatwa: Female genital mutilation is an attack on a woman’s body and free


06:48 PM

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Books – Muhammad Qadous:

In response to the question: What is the ruling on female circumcision ?, Sheikh Muhammad Abdel Samie, Amin Al-Fatwa, the Egyptian Fatwa House, said that the Egyptian Fatwa House says that circumcision in the manner in which it is practiced now has an attack on the woman’s body and that circumcision in inherited jurisprudence may have been in different forms and it is not He has a provision that requires compliance.

Amin al-Fatwa added, through a video broadcast by the Egyptian Fatwa House on its official Facebook page, that some jurists say that it is honorable, noting that the word honorable here means that it is less than desirable.

The Secretary of the Fatwa confirmed that the opinion of the Egyptian Dar Al Iftaa that circumcision in the manner in which it is now practiced in Egypt is forbidden by law because of the attack on the woman’s body.

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