Witness: Ahmed Abu Hashima, free, Haifa Wehbe, with sexual videos, “Khadisha” .. and statements challenging the morals of the stars!


haifa ahmad abu hachima

The name of the Egyptian businessman and the free Lebanese artist Haifa Wehbe, Ahmed Abu Hashima, topped the social media and news pages, after leaking a number of his videos titled “Abu Hashima scandal”, reveals a “bold” exchange he exchanged with one of the girls in addition to clips ” Striking citizenship.

The pioneers of social networking sites circulated the videos virally, some of which revealed the “beginning of the call”, which included statements about some of the stars, and others that were deleted from the communication sites because of their audacity and because they included “sexual” clips.

In the video in which Abu Hashima spoke about the stars, he answered a question from the girl he was talking to about the artist he liked, and he replied: “They all passed by,” meaning that he had established relationships with all of them.

When the girl he was talking to asked him why he had not completed his relationship with any artist? Abu Hashima replied: “No, I did not finish with one of them, two states.” Abu Hashimas statements were a great shock to the social media pioneers and the public, especially as he was married to the Lebanese artist Haifa Wehbe. The Egyptian businessman also caused confusion when he asked the girl he talks to to tell him the name of the artist she likes. Many considered that Abu Hashima had offended his statements to a number of stars, as he challenged their morals, especially when he described them as “bad”, and that he could not be associated with one of them formally.

For its part, some Egyptian newspapers confirmed that the Egyptian businessman was being blackmailed from a gang consisting of two men and a woman, who had stolen his sister’s phone and started blackmailing him, and that Abu Hashima had actually reported the theft.

On the other hand, after publishing this news, many people wondered how such videos were leaked, and then this gang was announced and arrested? Some saw that the widespread news was an attempt to cover up the Abu Hashima scandal only.

This is seen by others that even if the scenes and the sexual contact that Abu Hashima gathered with the girl were fabricated, his statements about the stars and their morals are enough to put him in an embarrassing position and under the responsibility of accountability.

It is noteworthy that businessman Ahmed Abu Hashima had been associated with the Lebanese artist Haifa Wehbe, and some news leaked about his relationship with the sister of the player Cristiano Ronaldo.


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