Witness: Engy Ali publishes a video clip of her ex-husband, Tariq Al-Arian .. And the public: “Draw on him from another one.”


The Egyptian media “Engy Ali” published through her account on the “Instagram” photo and video site a video clip of her ex-Egyptian director, Tarek El-Erian, during his attendance at the celebration held by “MBC” yesterday to launch the electronic witness platform, which witnessed the presence of a large number of art stars in the Arab world .

Tareq Al-Aryan appeared in the video talking about the experience of the Shahid platform and its content.

Inge Ali’s publication of this video came days after Al-Arian’s separation from his wife, the Syrian actress “Asala” .. It is also the first for Inge since her separation from Tariq Al-Arian, in which she publishes something about it, which sparked widespread controversy among the followers.

So comments from followers of Engi Ali, in which they attacked, such as: “Engi Ali supports her ex-husband Tariq Al-Arian after his separation from Asala.” He said: “You are Nawi, who will return after what divorced Asala.”

It is noteworthy that Engi Ali was married to Tareq Al-Arian 15 years ago and they separated because of her extreme jealousy over him.


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